Sunday, July 27, 2014

Day 12: Shiny Happy People

I like shiny happy people.
The people who always have something to update the world everyday about their interesting lives.
The people who have perfected the art of being carelessly beautiful every single moment of their lives.
The people who go to the perfect destinations and know exactly how to frame their adventures in one single shot.

Many of us want to be counted amongst these elite. Many of us strive to be interesting, appear interesting, always analyzing each and every moment of our lives and then picking and choosing and highlighting our social presence. 

But behind each post, each picture, each fancy dinner and each trip that we showcase, there are so many moments where we've lived. Actually lived.
The long drives to get to the beautiful lake bickering with everyone in the car about what music to play.
The insane 40 hour work week that makes us want to hike on a hot saturday afternoon.
The bite of the cheese filled bagel made all the more satisfying after only eating cereal for breakfast for a month.
The long intense life changing conversations with unexpected friends made possible only because of the lateness of the hour.
The unexpected dinner to celebrate nothing at all.
The random magical visit to an old decrepit used bookstore.

These are the moments which never get highlighted, never shared with the whole, never broadcasted.
But, these are the moments which make me a shiny happy person.

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