Sunday, July 20, 2014

Day 7: Let it go

I've always had trouble letting go of things. I like collecting old clothes, old bags, old letters, old greeting cards and even old envelopes and inevitably creating a mountain of junk which I may never even look at.

A year ago, I was packing my bags to study further. I was essentially moving out of my room, and maybe even my home for good. I cleared out my entire room and after an arduous month, left it bare, bidding farewell to the only life I knew.

I came here and started a new life but what I didn't realize was how my habit of not letting go of things would never leave me. After nine months in a city, I had a tough time packing for my three month long internship because I felt like there were so many things I couldn't live without. And here I am, just nine weeks in California and already finding it too difficult to let go. I feel like I'm going to need all of the next four weeks to bid adieu.

It is becoming progressively easier to pack and maybe a little easier to distinguish what I can and cannot live without. But the pain of saying goodbye to those things will never lessen, and maybe I don't want it to lessen.

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