Monday, August 11, 2014

Day 26: Random

I love how random life can be!

So random, that you can move into a new house, pack some bags, visit a friend on the other side of the country and then join some people who you've never met on a road trip to the one place you've always wanted to visit.

So random, that you work hard on an internship to be told that they don't have a job for you, cry and then take it in your stride, decide to move on and never look back, only to be offered a job on the very last day of work.

So random, that you meet a new person who is as unlike you as possible on the surface, with an upbringing as diametrically opposite to you as possible, a teetotaler to your wine enthusiasm, a strict vegan to your pescatarian, a chalk to your cheese, to discover that both of you have an uncanny love for the same music and marvel at the same exact points in every song that you listen to.

So random, that the one person who you thought would be perfect for your best friend, the person who you got along just okay, the one person who was too boring, too staid, too conventional for you suddenly starts becoming the one person you fall for.

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