Thursday, August 21, 2014

Day 33: Odd

I feel so relaxed today.

I have finally moved into my new apartment and I have finally unpacked. The past three months have been nothing but a roller coaster, moving across the country, being homeless, bumming around on people's couches and taking advantage of their hospitality and then living in a hotel suite. I have been living out of a suitcase in shared spaces for so long that it felt weird and unnatural to completely unpack.

I'm still feeling odd to have my own room, to decorate it and personalize and make it my own. I took up the challenge to make the room as quirky as possible with gusto. It has been an entire year since I've the luxury of having my own room and I have been looking forward to this luxury for far too long.

However, it also seems empty. I feel alone and miss having a chaotic household. I miss waking up and having somebody to talk to all day and all night. I miss cooking with everyone and having massive communal dinners. 

I think I just need time to adjust to this newfound freedom and newfound solitude.

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