Thursday, August 28, 2014

Day 42: Paper

I love text editors. I use multiple text editors on a daily basis, be it Pages to write papers, Evernote to take notes in class or Sublime Text 2 to write code.But when I have to think and write and brainstorm and plan and study, I can't help but use plain old paper and pen.

There is something so familiar about the form factor of a pen, something comfortable about taking a pen in your hand and filling the sheet before you, a certain freedom of thought and expression, a sense of doing whatever you want on that sheet of paper. There is no need to organize your thoughts immediately. You don't need to decided whether you want to write or sketch or doodle; you can do all of that.

There is sense of discovery when you find hidden treasures in your old doodles, a different perspective on the things you're reading. There is something comforting about the written word touched by someone's hand, traced carefully into letters that form words which may make sense.

There is a fluidity to your thought process when you use paper.

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