Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Day 27: I met a girl

I met a girl last year.
So many questions, so many doubts, so many aspirations.
She was worried about the future. She was stepping into the wide unknown. She wanted reassurance about every single step she was taking.
She was certain about the future. She knew what she wanted and she knew she was going to get it. She knew the path she was taking.
She was excited about the future. She wanted to be surprised along the way. She was hoping that the world was as vibrant as she had always imagined it to be.

I met a girl today.
So many answers, so much self assurance, so many aspirations.
She is still worried about the future, but she knows that after the lowest lows, you always find the highest highs.
She is still certain about the future, but the things she is certain of have changed over time.
She is still excited about the future, and that's something she will never stop doing.

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