Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Day 38: What do people wear?

For one of my design classes, we were discussing wearable technology and how it is slowly becoming an all pervasive field. We were discussing there are so many things we wear without going as extreme as the Google Glass. To make us think about the extent of things which we consider that humans wear, our professor told us to think of all these things in three minutes.

The first few suggestions were expected. Shirts, trousers, underwear and all the things we consider as everyday clothing. Then people started thinking about things like the Fitbit, Google Glass and other such devices which we know are pedantically known as 'wearable devices'.

Once we'd gotten past these two categories, the class gravitated towards accessories such as hair ties, watches, glasses, sunglasses, socks and shoes. We then moved towards the realm of jewelry and spoke about earrings, nose rings, necklaces, lockets. Then somebody said eyeliner. And of course the next few entries were all related to make up such as mascara, lipstick, chapstick and even body spray.

After this, things got a little interesting. We ran out of the most obvious objects and started thinking more. We came up headbands and earphones and contact lenses and nail color. However, we were still meandering around accessories.

And finally, when we had almost run out things did we become more creative with our thinking. This is when we thought of the most interesting things such as tool belts, spacesuits, parachutes, crowns, strap on sex toys and capes. We got more creative and thought how scars and tattoos and henna are also things you're wearing.

This exercise resonated with me because something that I have been battling with: lack of ideas. I feel like I've been hitting a wall and reached an all time low. I thought I had exhausted everything I could write about and I wasn't sure if I could carry on any further without getting repetitive. I now realize how I have just not been thinking enough. And then think some more!

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