Thursday, August 14, 2014

Day 29: Dread

I am kinda dreading going back to school.

I'm not dreading the course load, the crazy amount of work, the pressure, the travel, the new apartment, the new routine. No, none of these.

I'm dreading the weird feeling of returning to a place you knew intimately, where everything may have changed. These are small minute changes which add up and turn into a monumental change. The people who've continued staying there during your absence, may have acclimatized to the persistent change, but appear magnified to you due to the time spent away. The building half constructed when you left might have been completed. The loss of the old familiar faces and the old familiar patterns.

I guess I should be excited.
I know, in due course, I will be excited.
However, right now, it's just dread.

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